Nitrogen Science Roundtable Series

Spring 2014-Spring/Fall 2015.
A series of “Roundtable” discussions, each focused on a different topic and each lasting about 3 hours. The audience for these meetings is likely to be highly engaged stakeholders including agency staff, researchers, and some private sector and NGO participants. Each roundtable would include presentations, discussion, and documentation of key questions/uncertainties. These meetings will probably have a webinar component, or the ability to view presentations afterwards.

Potential Topics for Upcoming Roundtable discussions:

  • Overview of the N Cycle: mechanisms, dynamics, complexity, environmental concerns – linking research to get systems level knowledge.
  • N Trends in Ground Water – Identify policy and research needs
  • N Trends in Surface Water – Identify policy and research needs
  • Point source management of N discharge
  • N use in agricultural systems – Tools, BMPS, new innovations, leaks in the system, closing loops, not all N is created equal.
  • Nitrogen Use Efficiency in crops – current research and needs.
  • Dairy Focus (Role of Dairy) on N and N Management
  • Atmospheric Emissions of N: Mechanics, Issues, Concerns
  • The Revised Wisconsin 590 Nutrient Mgmt. Standards and its Impact on N Management – development/addition of an N Leaching Index
  • Economics of N, N Management, and implications of changes to N Management Policies
  • Role of educators, advisors (CCAs for example), agencies, local conservation staff, and NGOs in N information and outreach
  • Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico and Green Bay

Share your ideas for the Nitrogen Roundtable Series. Follow this link to complete a suggestion form: [link]